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December 2007
Our December meeting was full of good Cheer and good Christmas wishes. Janet Brown’s theme this year was Christmas during WWII. This marks 17 years that Janet has given a Christmas story at our December meeting.
Janet displayed a Christmas Tree similar to one we would have seen at that time. Home-made ornaments, canned and boxed food products from the 1940’s, were around the tree.
Janet then told us, reminded some, that during the War, such normal Christmas activities as baking cookies, having meat for Christmas dinner, using electric Christmas lights and driving to Grandma’s house Christmas day, were done much less than before the War. Reason being, butter, sugar, meat, electricity, gasoline, car tires and parts, all were rationed to support the needs of the soldiers.
Janet also described how Presents were wrapped with tissue paper instead of Christmas paper. But the thing missing most at Christmas during the War, were the millions of sons, husbands, brothers and sisters, that were away from home, serving our Country.
Reverend Thomas remembered our dear departed family and we sang Silent Night.
Earl Cain was appointed to the position of Chapter Historian.